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Staff Profile: Warwick Hunter

25 August 2020

Warwick is an A1 Accredited Senior Building Surveyor with over 20 years of experience in the municipal and private building surveying sector. 

Warwick’s extensive experience covers a variety of projects including residential, transport, defence, industrial, commercial, public and retail buildings throughout NSW and across Australia.

How did you break into this industry and why?

At the end of year 12 a close friend of mine had a major workplace injury so I first chose to study OHS however, I soon realised I would be rousing at people all day to put on their PPE and soon the strong interest in OHS took a dive. During University holidays I would work for a mate as a builders labourer and he would tell me how much he knew about the Building Code so I decided to study it myself so I could tell him all about it. To this day I am still giving him advice as the Building Code is a complicated beast.


What has been your proudest achievement in your career?

Like the majority of private certifiers and building regulation consultants who all started out with Local Government, I guess my proudest achievement would have to be taking a leap of faith out of the comfort of Council and succeeding in the private industry and ultimately obtaining unrestricted A1 Accreditation.


What do you like most about your job?

One of my favourite things about being a Building Regulations consultant is that I am able to assist clients with headache issues and to provide alternative strategies to complex problems. With complicated Building Regulations it is sometimes inevitable that rubbish outcomes are achieved just to tick a box. It does my head in. So what I like about my job is working with clients who appreciate the benefits of early consultant engagement in the design process so that I can provide pragmatic design solutions and good outcomes are able to be achieved by all.



What is your most favourite memory from BCA Logic?

I have been at BCA Logic for 11 years so there are too many to highlight. However, we have had a lot of eventful harbour cruises and a twilight swim with the bull sharks is always memorable.


Who are your favourite sporting teams?

For years my favourite sporting team was the Newcastle Knights however, I have since changed my allegiance to the mighty Glebe Greyhounds as I love to watch and coach my kids AFL.