Interview with BCA Logic Directors: Running a Business During a Global Crisis

7 May 2020

The current global health crisis has made a major impact on businesses worldwide forcing companies to adapt quickly and innovatively. Throughout the company’s 23 years, BCA Logic has survived the challenges of the Global Financial Crisis, various legislation changes, and the most recent insurance crisis concerning combustible cladding in the construction industry.

BCA Logic Directors, Stuart and Allan, were invited to answer some questions on how they prepared for the current health crisis, how they are managing their team remotely, and what the future holds for BCA Logic after COVID-19.


Tell us about your experience in running a successful business through a time of national / global crisis?

SB: BCA Logic has always developed and planned to have redundancy in all facets of the business – for example numerous staff are trained across multiple similar tasks for redundancy if say staff are on leave or extended personal leave for whatever reason. This redundancy has seen us manage the current crisis well.

AH: The experience and transition to working from home for all staff has been surprisingly simple. At first it appeared to be a massive task but having good systems and IT in place made the transition easy. The co-operation and enthusiasm of staff and clients is greatly appreciated and with good communication between all parties, the work is flowing as normal.


How did you prepare your team for COVID-19 and is there anything you would have done differently?

SB: Leading up to the work from home direction we ensured all staff had the tools and software / hardware to work from home. As a result, at the time of the order to work from home, it was a smooth transition for the staff to take up working in their home offices.

AH: Working from home on such a large scale was the big unknown, but it is something the staff embraced and therefore as a Director my job was made very easy. In a matter of 2 weeks we had modified and adopted policies and procedures to allow the smooth transition if required, which it turned out was required sooner than we expected.


What were your biggest concerns moving the whole office to a working from home environment? Has it affected team productivity?

SB: My biggest concern was of course productivity and being able to continue to mentor and train junior staff. However quite the reverse has occurred, after an initial settling in period the level of productivity of all staff has exceeded my expectations

AH: My concern was related to IT availability in the homes of staff, but this resolved itself quite quickly by testing working from home with a few staff at a time prior to it becoming mandatory.


During the current crisis, with staff having to self-isolate, how do you ensure that staff are staying positive and happy?

SB: From a social perspective we regularly post challenges online for staff to be involved in – such as best sunrise or sunset photos, etc. We also have weekly Virtual drinks / social sessions for all staff to catch up. As well as daily lunch break zoom catchups for staff to opt in or out of.

AH: From a work perspective we have regular work conferences within teams, we encourage direct communication. Overall communication is the key and so far, so good.


What has been the biggest change for the business?

SB: The biggest change has been keeping in regular contact with staff. We have implemented smaller team meetings with the manager touching base with their team. There are regular senior management meetings, and this provides the pathway to keep connection with staff. This is very different from a standard office environment where you have daily access to all staff and matters can be addressed on the spot.

AH: The biggest change has been lack of face to face interaction with staff, and the social side of work. Other than that, it is business as usual.


What is some advice you would give to other businesses?

SB: Never be complacent, you should regularly monitor your metrics – ie workflow, pipeline of work etc to ensure you can see as early as possible changes in your particular market. Be open to adopt change and look for opportunities with future work. When new legislation is planned, we always make attempts to get across the legislation as fast as possible to look at where and how we can take advantage from a business point of view.


– Communicate more frequently with staff and clients;
– Encourage social interaction within your organisation;
– Share your experiences and challenges at a personal level, as others are likely to be experiencing the same;
– Be flexible with work arrangements


Where do you see BCA Logic in the next 12 months?

SB: BCA Logic will use this opportunity to streamline the business more – now that it has been proven the business and staff including the entire admin team can operate remotely. I see our company launching from the current plateau that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused all businesses, into a larger organisation, more streamlined and more efficient.

AH: Bigger and better due to this experience.