Lawfirm questions cladding taskforce over building audit

29 October 2018

A State Government fire safety and cladding Taskforce — set up to assess thousands of buildings in response to the deadly Grenfell Tower inferno — has been investigated for it’s methods to identify buildings at risk.

An investigation conducted by Carroll and O’Dea Lawyers has questioned the methods used in the statewide audit by a joint NSW Government and NSW Fire and Rescue Taskforce.

Our Director, Allan Harriman, was interviewed by the Hill’s Shire Times and asked to provide his opinion on the Taskforce. Allan believes the response from the Taskforce has been a positive step to rectifying a global issue. “An audit is important because we have a potentially non-complying product being used on buildings and the most reliable way to identify this product is an inspection of each and every one”. “There are cases where a good product has been substituted with a bad product, so we cant just take the builder or developers word for it.”

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