Government funding for Strata Energy Upgrades

9 March 2016

Electricity usage in common areas of residential/commercial buildings form a substantial portion of a buildings operational costs. The majority of electricity is consumed by equipment that is often outdated and inefficient in operation, therefore an energy audit of the common areas can identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and save up to 40% in electricity costs with easy to implement measures.

Due to a number of government initiatives being introduced to help fund energy efficiency projects in and around the Sydney area, there are now many opportunities to cost-effectively reduce electricity consumption in common areas with payback periods of less than three years – even without government funding.

BCA Energy carries out audits on all types of strata buildings, and can help you identify opportunities to unlock these savings and reduce the impact of future electricity price increases. Upgrading equipment will ensure efficient operation of plant and equipment that will ultimately require less maintenance over time. As well as carrying out an energy audit, we can help you gain access to government grants, obtain quotes from suppliers/contractors and project manage your upgrades.

If your building contains lighting, lifts, air conditioning/ventilation, pumps, office equipment or anything else that may consume electricity, BCA Energy will be able to help you determine the most cost effective opportunities to reduce spending on energy, with returns on investments of over 30% per year.

Contact Padraig Healy on or 1300 787 302 to enquire and find out whether you are eligible for one or more of the government funding programs for your energy efficiency upgrade.

  • Savings of up to 40% of electricity costs, with paybacks less than 3 years – even without government funding
  • Independent, accurate recommendations
  • Source quotes and schedule upgrades if required

Pearl St, Kingscliff

  • Annual electricity savings of 36% identified
  • Measures included changing energy tariff, installing kill switch to turn off office equipment after hours, replacing lighting and installing lighting controls
  • Payback time of 2.8 years

Kent St, Sydney

  • Annual electricity savings of 40% identified
  • Measures included lift operation management, introducing pump controls, replacing inefficient lighting with L.E.Ds and installing solar PV
  • Payback time of 3 years