Celebrating 1 Year at the New Sydney CBD Office

9 May 2017

It has been one year since we moved into our new office, and the team couldn’t be happier!

Overall this first year in the new address has been extremely constructive to all of us at BCA Logic. Yes, we did have some sad moments – we lost 2 of our fishes (in memory of Oscar and Larry) but the positive moments have definitely overridden these period.

We welcomed new staff and we said goodbye to some, we faced some internet issues (who never had internet issues before?) but we ended up getting a more fast and reliable connection, we now have a bike rack in the office (riders are more than welcomed at BCA Logic) and the building rooftop is yet to be inaugurated.

BCA Logic has also celebrated an important milestone in the new office. 20 Years of Business!

From a small office in Chatswood, BCA Logic has grown into a large, sustainable and reputable company.

Now that the hard work of designing and converting the building is over, everyone has had a chance to reflect on what they enjoy most about the new office, and how it has changed the way they work.

“Moving into the City office in my view has created better opportunities to service our clients as well as saved considerable previously wasted travel time. Although there can be many more distractions in the city, I feel the companies standing in the industry has improved being based in the centre of the City. We are now seen as a significant player in our Industry by both our clients and peers.

The ability to service more clients due to reduced travel times has also created additional opportunities for our business to grow.”

Stuart Boyce – Director


“First time working in the CBD, good to be in the centre of such activity and spending time in such a great fitout.”

Matthew Kemp – Senior Building Regulations Consultant


“The new BCA Logic office in Sydney CBD is just too handy!

Since we moved to the CBD – just few meters away from QVB, we have increased enormously our level of service just having more direct and regular contact with our clients.  I believe this has been beneficial for them as much as for us. Generally, enquiries and technicalities can be easily solved by email or phone however some of them can be tricky and certainly better solved face to face or onsite.

Also, not to mention, the proximity to public transport and the multiple coffee shops in the area.”

Mauricio Vera – Building Regulations Consultant


“I think moving to the city has made us a little more accessible to many clients, making it easier for us to pop out to a last minute meetings with less travel time.”

Sarita Ellison – Senior Building Regulations Consultant


“After 1 year in the new office it is obvious to me how the planning and layout of the space positively impacts on the office dynamics and the general productivity.
The collaborative, modern and open design of the new office reflects 100% BCA Logic culture.
It’s a great feeling when clients comment immediately just how relaxed the space feels for them when they first see it.

Our kitchen has become a meeting point, where employees from different teams get together for meals and chats.  It’s an important part of our culture and internal communication.

Most importantly, the location and accessibility of BCA Logic office has caused a very positive change in the quality of life for most of our staff.

Not only has the new space enhanced our work environment and productivity it has also allowed for the fostering of new relationships within the office through the development of teamwork and collaboration.”

Thabata Berndsen – Admin and Marketing Coordinator