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BCA Logic Celebrates 22nd Anniversary

22 January 2019

2019 marks the  22nd Anniversary of BCA Logic which was established in 1997 by Stuart Boyce, Allan Harriman and a third former Director.

It is undeniable that managing a successful business for over 20 years is a remarkable achievement. To commemorate such a milestone, the company Directors, Stuart and Allan, were invited to answer some questions and share some of the lessons learnt throughout the past 22 years.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 60 percent of small businesses cease operating within the first three years of starting. Explain what the first few years were like after opening the business and what were some of the challenges you had to overcome?

SB: From day one we decided we would grow the business in a sustainable and conservative way. We  have grown the company and expanded and have never experienced debt.

Finding the right mix of staff and ensuring they share the vision of the business has always been a challenge.

AH: We were lucky because we were entering a growing market with limited competition.

Having 3 Directors actively working to develop the business was a big advantage and contributed to bypass uncertainty in the first few years.

Like most entrepreneurs who started a business over 20 years ago, our challenges were related to technology (internet, emails, etc…), limited income and work and life balance.


Tell us what do you believe has set BCA Logic apart from its competitors and how it survived industry and legislative changes?

SB: In any business, knowledge is the key to solving problems, analysing situations, managing risk and translating ideas into action. This has always been our number one priority!

We strive to keep ourselves and our key people updated with any changes in the industry and to continuously pursue additional qualifications while other companies tend to follow trends.

We developed a conservative view along the years which resulted in Integrity and accountability for our clients.

AH: The business is constantly changing and it’s important that we constantly grow and adapt to different situations. New ideas arise all the time and it pays to be on the front foot.

Our flexibility, adaptability and  proactive approach, allows us to know what’s coming in terms of Legislation and in a lot of instances we’ve been on committees that developed the new Legislation.

Furthermore, having a defined business plan enables us to allocate resources strategically and stick to our vision.


Looking back over the past 22 years, what valuable lessons have you learnt and is there anything you would have done differently?

SB: Determine your appetite for risk and your decision will come easier.

Staff are the key! Listen to your staff and to a certain extent, adapt to their needs. At the end of the day you invest in staff and not in a strategy.

AH: Define a scope of services you are willing to provide and stick to what you know and do it well.

I don’t think we would have done anything majorly different because some of the minor things that went wrong taught us valuable lessons for the future.


What are some of the highlights that stand out for each of you over the past 22 years?

SB: Having the opportunity to work in a broad range of projects, maintain a list of respectable customers and industry peers, and continue to develop cutting edge solutions for our clients.

Moving to the city was a highlight for us as it enabled the company to provide a modern and larger office to our staff and facilitated business development.

AH: The Sydney Olympics’  brought us a great opportunity to work in unique buildings and venues. It was a very busy but enjoyable period.

Also, becoming one of the largest Building Regulations firm in Australia that concentrates on Consultancy only.    


What would you say are BCA Logic’s greatest accomplishments over the years?

SB: Providing a platform for technical staff to come and learn about all types of building compliance. There are not many companies in Australia you can get this level of exposure.

We have provided regulatory advice and design consultancy services to all spheres of the building industry over the years and contributed to making building safe in Australia.

AH: We’ve been one of the innovators for 22 years. We haven’t followed other companies.

BCA Logic is continuously reinventing the type of work we do to assist our clients with their needs.


Where do you see BCA Logic in the future?

SB: Continuing to be a lead player in the consultancy industry.

To invest and develop our staff to maintain the level of services we have been proud to offer for over 20 years.

AH: Continuing to grow as a result of our flexibility and adaptability strategies while we introduce a succession plan.



On behalf of the directors of BCA Logic, a special thank you to each and all employees whose efforts resulted in a successful and well-respected leader consultancy company. Your strong ethics and willingness to adopt the BCA Logic’s core Values are the driving force of our success.

We also thank all our clients for your business throughout the past 22 years. You have been critical to our growth and success in these two decades, and we look forward to working with you in the coming years.