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Alternative Solutions for Section J

17 September 2014

BCA Energy, BCA Logic’s energy consulting sister company, is capable of providing you with a detailed and easy to understand Section J Assessment Report.

As a result of a Section J Assessment on some buildings it is often discovered that the glazing specified by the architect is above and beyond the requirements set out by the BCA.

BCA Energy can liaise with both client and architect to consult them on how much the window area for a particular façade can be reduced to meet single clear glazing conditions or for example the simple task of introducing an awning above the window to meet requirements.

In many cases BCA Energy has helped to specify clear or tinted single glazing rather than double glazing for buildings which has saved the client considerable money in the long run.

In other projects whereby there is a particular need for a lot of single clear glazing for example in the case of a car showroom or multi-storey buildings then the option of a JV3 alternative solution is essential.

An Alternative Solution through a JV3 assessment and report is a holistic approach to confronting the BCA performance requirements. It is in essence an energy modelling exercise of the whole building which can include the changing of performance obligations for different elements of the building.

The flexibility of a JV3 assessment  can result in BCA Energy specifying more insulation in the roof of a showroom for example to compensate for the single clear glazed windows of the showroom. This usually results in large savings for the client and thus is seen as a win-win for both BCA Energy and client.

Another area where a JV3 alternative solution is beneficial includes areas where for instance the elimination of the need for insulation above underground car-parking (clause J1.6: R2.0) can result in significant savings. This versatile approach by the JV3 can result in a solution to which was originally a compromising situation due to the inadaptable and stringent deadlines set out in the DTS requirements of the NCC.

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