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Airport Terminal, Mascot

JV3 Assessment

Airport Terminal, Mascot

The terminal building included a bus underpass under the floor of the terminal building above which led to the need for floor insulation between the underpass and the conditioned spaces above.

This project is as new terminal building at Sydney Airport with a ground level bus underpass for transporting passengers between terminals and a terminal building above. The standard Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) approach required an insulation rating to the floor which required the provision of an insulating material to the underside of the floor.

Using the Verification Method (JV3) from the BCA the floor insulation was avoided. This solution provided an overall energy usage better than the DTS building, and reduced the construction cost by $180,000.

The verification method (JV3) takes into account the estimated energy usage for the proposed new or modified building and compares it to the estimated energy usage of the DTS requirements for the proposed building. This allows for a high level of flexibility in how the best energy outcome can be achieved. In this case it allowed for the removal of the floor insulation to provide an overall cost saving.

Key Details

Design Requirement:

Save construction costs

Section J DTS Requirement:

Floor insulation required


JV3 Assessment, justified the removal of the floor insulation