20 Years Making Buildings Safe

Our 20th Anniversary ...

20 Years Making Buildings Safe

A Message From The Directors

Allan Harriman

The construction industry is challenging as it is constantly changing and evolving. Over the next few years we will see a greater reliance on data collection and online lodgements for all applications through a central state government website. Applications will require more information, there will be mandatory inspections for bounding construction and registration of fire contractors who issue fire safety certificates. This will result in the need for more specialist consultants within the building industry and BCA Logic are meeting this challenge. The rate of change over the past 20 years has been high, but the next 20 years will see an even greater rate of change and we must all be open to this.


Stuart Boyce

BCA Logic was initially founded by like minded individuals who had a passion and ambition to establish a professional, specialised and well respected Building Regulation Consultancy Business. The initial Building Regulation Consultancy Business has over the past 20 years expanded to a firm of 20 staff with expertise in various fields including Fire Engineering, Accessibility, Energy and Building Regulatory Consultancy. We are extremely excited to continue to expand our services and fields of expertise to service the Building Construction Industry.

What Our Employees Say

Warwick Hunter

“Well done team!! 20 years and still going strong is a credit to Allan, Stuart, all current staff and all past directors and employees who have made BCA Logic such an enjoyable place to work in my time here.

Building Regulations and Development requirements continue to evolve in NSW and with a large multidisciplinary team we have been able to keep at the forefront. We all want a simplification of the Planning System and reduced regulatory burden but I can’t see this in my lifetime!”

MC Hui

“When I first joined BCA Logic, I was made aware of the Company Values which consist of four elements, i.e. integrity – we do what is right; accountability – we do what we say; people – we develop talent; and performance – we deliver.

My initial impression was that this was another slogan. However, after 2 years with the company, I found that the directors practice what they preach.”


Phoebe Barratt

“Since starting work at BCA Logic I have been so impressed with the culture and opportunities available. The atmosphere is the warmest and most welcoming that I have ever experienced in a work place, with staff that go above and beyond to work as a team and treat everyone respectfully. My manager and the directors have provided great support, assisting me to be better in all that I do, while continually offering new ways to develop professionally and achieve my targets.”


Alex Newberry

“From my first day, it was clear by the professional attitude and friendly atmosphere at BCA Logic that it would be a great company to work for. After 12 months, all my expectations have been exceeded with the vast array of professional experience and knowledge gained from working on all types of projects within the built environment. It is a testament to the company to celebrate 20 years of service and I am happy to be a part of the future.”

Matthew Harriman

“The intelligence, collaboration and support from the directors and entire team at BCA Logic continually allows me to incessantly obtain and strengthen skills as the company evolves and; develop an in-depth knowledge with no limitations. The best thing about BCA Logic, is our ability to make a difference in the world.  I am privileged to work with and be a part of this incredible BCA Logic team.”